Monday, January 3, 2011

Video: Tips For Having a Buckaroo Book Club!

Attention all cowboys and cowgirls!
Here at the Reading Round-Up, we are fixin' to circle our wagons and have a Buckaroo Book Club!

First, let's listen to Billy and Clementine. They have some solid book club tips for you! Book Club Ideas by lindayollis

For some more tips and examples of book clubs in action,

check out this video from Sheriff Salsich's class from last year.

Have you ever been in a book club?

What did you like about it?

What makes for a good discussion?


  1. Dear RR,

    Thank you for the great animation! We have never been in a book club, but they sure seem spectacular! Now that we saw the film, we know what you have to do in a book club. Here are some things we learned about book clubs:

    1. Never interrupt when someone is talking.

    2. Look back in a book to find more details.

    3. Show important details.

    Thank you RR buddies!

    Deputy Sherifs, Misha, Iman, and Nick

  2. Dear RR,

    Thank you for great tips on having a book discotion. I'v been in a few book descotions before, and some poeple talk over other people who are talking. So this video will help a lot of people.

    Sam K. in Mr. Salsich's class

  3. Dear RR,
    I am going to read Horrible Harry and the Holidays .I heard that it is a awesome book.They don't have it at a the libary because someone has the book.



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