Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cowpoke Book Trailer - "Kat Kong" by Dav Pilkey

One of the cowpokes in Sheriff Salsich's class, Emmett, has been learning about iMovie 11. Yesterday Sheriff Salsich and Emmett used a new feature to make a "book trailer."
Here it is:

The following PREVIEW has been approved for ALL AUDIENCES

This book trailer is about Dav Pilkey's creative, hilarious book called Kat Kong.

Dav Pilkey is a great author and illustrator. He has written lots of popular books, including the Captain Underpants series. If you like those books, you should definitely check out Kat Kong and its companion, Dogzilla.

What did you think of the book trailer?

Have you read Kat Kong or Dogzilla? If so, what did you like about them?

Can you find other "fantastic vocabulary" words in these books?