Sunday, March 27, 2011

Voicethread Book Club - "Fly Away Home"

Last month the students from Mrs. Yollis' and Mr. Salsich's classes read Fly Away Home by Eve Bunting.

Eve Bunting has written hundreds of excellent books for children. Many of her books deal with difficult situations, and the ways that people deal with them.

Fly Away Home is about a homeless boy and his father who live at an airport. It is a great book for having a book club because there are many different opinions and feelings that people can have about the book.

In our book clubs we have been focusing on:
  • Supporting our opinions with details from the text.
  • Listening carefully to what others say and responding to their ideas.
  • Adding onto others opinions by agreeing or disagreeing politely.
  • Looking back in the text for details that connect to people's ideas.
Here is our "Voicethread book club" about the book:

If you have read the book and have a voicethread account, feel free to add a comment in the voicethread. Let's keep the discussion going!

Have you read any other Eve Bunting books? What did you think of them?