Monday, January 17, 2011

Buckaroo Book Club - "Thank You, Mr. Falker"

Last week we had our second Skype book club.
This time the students discussed Patricia Polacco's fabulous book Thank You, Mr. Falker.

As you can see in the video chat below, this is a fantastic book for making connections and thinking about big ideas and themes.


Have you ever tried to learn something that was very hard to do at first?

If you have read this book, please share your ideas about it!

What did you notice about the discussions in the book club?


  1. Dear RR,

    I think the people doing the book club did a good job because everyone looked back in the book for information and people also disagreed politely.

    I think when you do a book club you should listen to the speaker and be polite. I wonder if anyone doing the book club or someone who has read the book has any connections to the story. I think the book club was also good because people did everything they were supposed to. They listened and were kind.

    Deputy Sheriff
    in Mr. Salsich`s class

  2. Dear RR buddies,

    That was a very interesting book talk and a very good one. If I had not read it I would know what it was about just because of your discussion.

    One thing that you guys did very well was you did not give away any of the small details that happened. For example: When you guys were talking about the bullying you did not tell a small detail like Erik sat behind Trisha.

    I think that that is a very interesting story that will teach many people, young to old. I wish that book clubs like this one could happen every day!

    Deputy Sheriff Tyler


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