Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Buckaroo Book Club: The Ox Cart Man

On Thursday, the two classes circled their wagons for the final time of the season. Just like in the story The Ox Cart Man by Donald Hall, the season changes. It is almost time for summer vacation for the cowboys and cowgirl at the Reading Round_Up!

We had time for one more Buckaroo Book Club!

 Four students from Sheriff Yollis' class met with a posse of four from Sheriff Salsich's class.

 Students took turn sharing what they liked about the story and asking questions of one another.

 Name tags were useful for directly addressing people at the club.

 Donald Hall won the Caldecott Award for his illustrations. The fireside scene was a favorite. How is this 1800s home different from yours? 

 Even though the members were nearly 3,000 miles apart, they still enjoyed talking about the book and the illustrations. Skype is a great tool for sharing.

 How is your life different from life on a farm? Which would you rather do - work on a farm or go to school?

This general store was very different from our modern markets.

What did you like about the book club?

Can you recommend a good book for another time?

1 comment:

  1. Dear Sheriff Yollis,

    I loved having book clubs all year. In the first book club, I was the person who would do the book club if something happened to someone or there was a different reason that I needed to be in the book club because I hadn't read as many words as nine other people in the class. Then, you realized that Sam K. (Mr. Salsich's student) was the only boy, so you put me into the skype call. I do not recall the name of the book that I did the book club for.

    The Ox Cart Man was very enjoyable. I did have a favorite picture. It was the second one because it showed three people and three sheep, so there was one sheep for each person. If we did another book club, I would recommend doing a biography!



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