Saturday, December 4, 2010

We've Earned an Edublog Nomination!

The Reading Round-Up just lassoed a humdinger of an honor!

Click on this link to cast your vote!

Best Group Blog - The Reading Round-Up!
(Sheriff Yollis & Sheriff Salsich)


  1. Dear RR,
    Congratulations on being nominated! I love the Reading Round up! It was a great idea for you to be nominated! Mr.Salsich and Mrs.Yollis work very hard to keep this blog going. Keep up the great work!!
    From, Kaitlyn in Mrs.Webb-Scheers class. (The classroom connection)

  2. Dear RR,

    Congratulations! :) The Reading Round Up blog is extremely phenomenal!

    Thank you to Mrs. Yollis and Mr. Salsich for creating the Reading Round Up blog. It was a sensational idea!

    I hope you keep it going for a long time.

    Happy Holidays!

    All the best,
    Deputy Jamie:)

  3. Dear The Reading Round you guys do a lot to keep this going. Keep up the great work! 8)

    From:Roman in Mrs.Webb-Scheers class :)

  4. Dear RR,
    Congrats on being nominated!! You guys really deserverved it!!Well done.You have an awesome blog.Keep up the good work.
    Kaitlyn in Mrs.Webb-Scheers class.

  5. Dear Reading Roundup,

    Congraulations! Good job on being nominated! This blog has phenomenal vocabulary! Try to get this same award next year!

    All the best,


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