Sunday, December 5, 2010

"The Farmer's Luck" - Read by Mr. Salsich's Father

Here at The Reading Round-Up, we like to invite real live readers in to share their love of words and stories with all of us! Being read to is not only pleasurable, but you can learn a lot too!

★ Our first guest in the saddle is Mr. Salsich, Sr.! ★

On Friday, December 3rd Mr. Salsich's class met "the real" Mr. Salsich - his dad, Hamilton Salsich!

It got a little confusing having two "Mr. Salsich's" in the room, so the students got to call their teacher "Mr. Salsich Jr." for a little while. "Mr. Salsich Sr." is also a teacher. He teaches reading and writing to 8th and 9th grade students.

He read a couple of short stories from the book Zen Shorts by Jon J. Muth.

The stories in this book are a little strange.
They are supposed to make the reader think about their meaning or message.

The message of a book can also be called its "theme."

See if you can think of the theme of this story from Zen Shorts that "Mr. Salsich Sr." read:

What do you think this story is about?
Does it have a theme?

What book have you read that had a theme?
What was its message?


  1. Dear Mr. Salsich,
    I love your father's choice of book. John Muth is my favorite children's author. His character Stillwater, is a Panda you want to know. I have learned many lessons that I apply to my grown up life by reading John Muth stories to my children. Do you know the panda Stillwater from John Muth's stories?
    From, Whitney

    P.S. You might know my son Finn from Mrs. Yollis class, he is the boy who informed you about the school population.

  2. Dear Whitney,

    I really enjoy Jon Muth's books as well. Yes, I know Stillwater - he is a very wise panda. My father actually read the whole book, but we just made a video of the one story for now. Maybe more will come later.

    Another interesting book by Jon Muth is The Three Questions.

    It was great to talk with Finn and all his classmates on our Skype call! I look forward to the next one.

    Mr. Salsich

  3. Dear buckaroos,

    I think the book The Farmer's Luck teaches you that after something bad happens something good happens. Here's an example, say your favorite toy breaks, then your mom says you're going to a water park.

    Bad things happen to everybody, but they don't always turn out bad.

    Erik in Mr. Salsich's class

  4. Dear RR,

    I think the story The Farmer`s Luck is all about how you should never think that something bad can not be turned into something good. A example to show this is when the farmer`s son broke his leg. All the neighbor`s said "Such bad luck" but the farmer was not so sure. Then the army came to take the boy away but he had broken his leg so the army could not take him.

    I think the message of this story is to realize that if something is bad it can become good. :)

    Deputy Margot*
    in Mr. Salsich`s class

  5. Dear RR buddies,

    I think the story The Farmer's Luck was about sometimes bad luck leads to good luck. For instance; if your pet died and it was nearly time for your birthday, you might get two pets!

    I think the message is your luck can change very easily, so be aware. The farmer kept saying "maybe" over and over again. He knew that luck is very mysterious, so he was ready for it to change.

    From, Deputy Alison
    in Mr. Salsich's Class

  6. Dear Reading Round-Up,

    The story The Farmer's Luck was about how the farmer got some bad luck and then he got some good luck.

    I think the message is that when bad things happen to you, sometimes they turn out to be good.

    Steven in Mr. Salsich's class

  7. Dear RR buddies ,

    I think the story the The Farmers Luck is mostly about a farmer who has good and bad luck. For example, the farmer's son broke his leg, the next day the army came but his son was rejected because he had a broken leg. When his son broke his leg the neighbors of the farmer said oh what bad luck but it turned out to be good luck.

    I think the message of this story is that not all things are what they seem.

    Your friend,
    Alexandra in Mr. Salsich's Class :)

  8. Dear Sheriffs,

    I like the part of the story when something bad happens and it turns out good.

    Tyler in Mr. Salsich's Class

  9. Dear RR,

    We loved seeing Mr. Salsich Sr. read the tremendous story to the Reading Round-up.:-) It was very funny that there were two Mr. Salsichs! We think the moral is that one good thing can lead to another.

    Im★n and Amit★i

  10. Dear RR,

    That was a very interesting book. Thank you for sharing the book with us. The message of the story is that you can never predict the future and to always think positively . Sometimes things that at first seem bad may really turn out to be wonderful.


  11. Dear RR Buddies,

    The book Zen Shorts must be a very interesting book to read. The messege is Somtimes bad things turn into good things.

    Sometimes bad things are bad things. We never know because the future is mysterious.


  12. Dear Sherriffs,

    I think "The Farmer's Luck" is a mysterious nonfiction book. I really liked listening to Mr. Salsich's Father read the book.

    I learned that sometimes bad luck is followed by good luck. For example, when the child broke his leg, he didn't have to go to the army.



  13. Dear Mr. Salsich,
    I really liked the story. It was outstanding. I think its about how sometimes bad luck can turn into good luck. For example if you lose a penny and you are looking on the ground for it and find a quarter!

    Your's truly,
    Mrs. Yollis' class

  14. @ Mr.Salsich,

    I think the message of the book is that bad things sometimes are good things because the future is mysterious. The father of the bunny that broke his leg, always said, "Maybe" because the father knew that the future is unknown. The story was outstanding.


  15. @ Alexandra,

    Thank you for leaving a comment on the RR.

    We think that you are absolutely correct about the message about the book Farmer's Luck.

    Also your example is wonderful!

    It is great to have examples in comments at the Reading Roundup especially because we are teaching you how to write at this blog.

    Thank you! You are an outstanding blogger!

    Deputy Sheriffs Nick, Iman, and Adia

  16. Dear Mr. Salsich,

    I think the theme of the story is that you cannot predict the future. You should always think positively. I have read Zen Ties which is also by Jon Muth.

    Mulan is story I read that has a theme. It is about not being selfish. Mulan goes to war instead of her father because her father is too old to go to war. Mulan is selfless.

    I am going to read more books with messages so I can become a better person. It will help me with everything I need to work on.

    What is your favorite book with a message?



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